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My validation controls does not validate on the production server. The controls works fine on development environment and on QA/Test environment. It really drives me nuts. Anyone who has experience/solution with this?

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I hd this exact same issue before.  When 1.1 first came out it had a js file for client-side validation with the new validation controls.  When the updated 1.14 came out it didnt properly move over the updated js file to the correct .net folder. 

From a post on the issue:

The problem is the javascript file WebValidationUi.js in aspnet_client folder. The changes in that file prevent a page to be submitted.

The workaround is simple, just copy the old WebValidateionUi.js over the new one. Microsoft will release the patch at some time, meanwhile, I bet you would like to have SP1 installed on your servers.

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 Thanx a lot tacoman667! It worked.

Have a great day


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