Using values returned by stored procedure

I have called a stored procedure and bound the dataset to a repeater but I need to use elements of what is returned in textboxes.

Could somebody tell me the basic syntax to put into the vb script, I have the code below so far
Repeater1.DataSource = DataSet1
TextBox1.Text =
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what does your stored procedure return?
how many text box controls you need to bind with the returned values?
write back so that can help.
6/1/2004 2:07:44 PM
The stored procedure returns 3 values comments, ascentID and status.

I need to fill a textbox with ascentID and one with comments.
6/1/2004 2:15:33 PM

i assume your procedure just does some select statement, if so, you better use the DataReader so that you can bind the datagrid as well as fill the textboxes like the

datagrid1.datasource = objrdr
textbox1.text = objrdr["ascentID"].ToString();
textbox2.text = objrdr["comments"].ToString();

where objrdr is the DataReader Object.
hope it helps.

6/1/2004 3:11:15 PM
after you fill the dataset it's pretty easy

6/1/2004 3:50:48 PM

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