Using the Textbox.Text on Dynmaicly Created Textboxes in VB.Net

I found a script that i modified to create textbox fields Dynamicly.  I am now faced with the delimia of figuring out a way to pull the data in those dynamicly created fields.  Since they are not defined, I have not found a way to use a variable to pull the data.

Here is the code .aspx


<%@ Page Language="VB" AutoEventWireup="false" CodeFile="DynamicTextboxes.aspx.vb" Inherits="DynamicTextboxes" %>

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">

<html xmlns="" >
<head runat="server">
    <title>Untitled Page</title>
    <form id="form1" runat="server"> 
       <h5 style="text-align: left">
       <asp:Label ID="Label2" runat="server"></asp:Label>
     <div style="text-align: left">  
       <asp:Table runat="server" id="Quotes">
       <asp:TableHeaderCell runat="server" ID="TableCell13" Visible="false"></asp:TableHeaderCell>
       <asp:TableHeaderCell> </asp:TableHeaderCell>
       <asp:TableRow runat="server" ID="TableRow1">
       <asp:TableCell runat="server" ID="TableCell6" Visible="false"></asp:TableCell>
       <asp:TableCell runat="server" ID="TableCell1" Wrap="false">Item 1</asp:TableCell>
       <asp:TableCell runat="server" ID="TableCell2"><asp:TextBox ID="Name1" runat="server" Width="100"></asp:TextBox></asp:TableCell>
       <asp:TableCell runat="server" ID="TableCell3"><asp:TextBox ID="Model1" runat="server" Width="75"></asp:TextBox></asp:TableCell>
       <asp:TableCell runat="server" ID="TableCell4"><asp:TextBox ID="Qty1" runat="server" Width="30"></asp:TextBox></asp:TableCell>
       <asp:TableRow runat="server" ID="TableRow2">
       <asp:TableCell runat="server" ID="TableCell5" Visible="false"></asp:TableCell>
       <asp:TableCell runat="server" ID="TableCell7" Wrap="false">Item 2</asp:TableCell>
       <asp:TableCell runat="server" ID="TableCell8"><asp:TextBox ID="Name2" runat="server" Width="100"></asp:TextBox></asp:TableCell>
       <asp:TableCell runat="server" ID="TableCell9"><asp:TextBox ID="Model2" runat="server" Width="75"></asp:TextBox></asp:TableCell>
       <asp:TableCell runat="server" ID="TableCell10"><asp:TextBox ID="Qty2" runat="server" Width="30"></asp:TextBox></asp:TableCell>
           <asp:Button ID="Button1" runat="server" Text="Add Row" />
           <asp:Button ID="Submit1" runat="server" Text="Submit" OnClick="Submit"/>

Here is the code .aspx.vb


Partial Class DynamicTextboxes
    Inherits System.Web.UI.Page

    Private _additionalRowCount As Integer = 0

    Private _previousPrinterName As Integer = -1 ' required initial value
    Private _previousPrinterModel As Integer = -1 ' required initial value
    Private _previousQty As Integer = -1 ' required initial value

    Private targetTable As Table = Nothing 'assigned in PreInit

    Private ReadOnly Property NextNameTextboxID() As String

            Dim PrinterNameString As String = "PrinterName{0}"

            If Me._previousPrinterName = -1 Then
                Me._previousPrinterName = (targetTable.Rows.Count - 1)
            End If

            Dim nextPrinterNameTBId As String = String.Format(PrinterNameString, (Me._previousPrinterName + 1).ToString())
            Me._previousPrinterName += 1

            Return nextPrinterNameTBId

        End Get
    End Property
    Private ReadOnly Property NextModelTextboxID() As String
            Dim PrinterModelString As String = "PrinterModel{0}"

            If Me._previousPrinterModel = -1 Then
                Me._previousPrinterModel = (targetTable.Rows.Count - 1)
            End If

            Dim nextPrinterModelTBId As String = String.Format(PrinterModelString, (Me._previousPrinterModel + 1).ToString())
            Me._previousPrinterModel += 1

            Return nextPrinterModelTBId

        End Get
    End Property
    Private ReadOnly Property NextQtyTextboxID() As String
            Dim QtyString As String = "Qty{0}"

            If Me._previousQty = -1 Then
                Me._previousQty = (targetTable.Rows.Count - 1)
            End If

            Dim nextQtyTBId As String = String.Format(QtyString, (Me._previousQty + 1).ToString())
            Me._previousQty += 1

            Return nextQtyTBId
        End Get
    End Property
     Protected Sub Page_PreInit(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Me.PreInit

        ' initialise reference variable
        ' ****************************************************************************************
        Me.targetTable = Me.Quotes ' set to appropriate table instance (myTable etc)!
        ' ****************************************************************************************

        Integer.TryParse(Request.Form("additionalRows"), _additionalRowCount)

        If _additionalRowCount > 0 Then
            ' replace / restore dynamic rows
            Dim i As Integer = 0
            While i < _additionalRowCount
                Me.AddAdditonalRow(False) 'false because we are recreating and don't want the row count increased
                i += 1
            End While

        End If

    End Sub
    Protected Sub Page_PreRender(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Me.PreRender

        ' embed row count in output form as hidden field.
        ' Viewstate is not available in PreInit and this is the only reliable way to proceed
        ' you could provide a multi part value with a hash or an encrypted value. 
        ' This persistence model is arbitrary but it must be persisted in the Form 
        ' as a posted value with a known client side element ID (name)
        ClientScript.RegisterHiddenField("additionalRows", _additionalRowCount.ToString())

    End Sub
    Protected Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click

        Dim tr As TableRow = Me.AddAdditonalRow(True) ' increase row count

    End Sub
    Private Sub FormatItem(ByRef tr As TableRow)

        ' you would format the TableRow cells in this method, 
        ' possibly passing another object param to assign values from
        ' set some of the controls in the row
        tr.Cells(0).Text = Server.HtmlEncode(String.Format("Item {0}", (targetTable.Rows.Count.ToString() - 1)))

    End Sub
    Sub Submit(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs)

        Dim TableView As String

        TableView = "<table><tr><td>&nbsp;</td><td style='height: 26px;'>" _
        + "Name:</td><td>Model:</td><td>Qty:</td></tr><tr>" _
        + "<td nowrap='nowrap' style='height: 26px;'>Item 1" _
        + "</td><td>" & Name1.Text _
        + "</td><td>" & Model1.Text _
        + "</td><td>" & Qty1.Text  + "</td></tr>"

        Dim X As Integer
        X = 2
        Do While X <= 5
            If Name2.Text = "" Then
                TableView = TableView & "</table>"
                TableView = TableView & "<tr><td nowrap='nowrap' style='height: 26px;'>Item 2" _
                + "</td><td>" & Name2.Text _
                + "</td><td>" & Model2.Text _
                + "</td><td>" & Qty2.Text + "</td></tr>"
            End If
            X += 1
        '' Loop doesn't work correctly because i am using the static Name2.Text, instead of the dynamic textbox "Name" & X & ".Text"
        TableView = TableView + "</table>" 'adding this line until Loop is working correctly

        Label2.Text = TableView.ToString

    End Sub
    Private Function AddAdditonalRow(ByVal incrementcounter As Boolean) As TableRow


        Dim tr As New TableRow
        Dim cell1, cell2, cell3, cell4, cell5, cell6 As New TableCell

        cell1.Wrap = False

        Dim name As New TextBox
        name.Width = 100
        Dim model As New TextBox
        model.Width = 75
        Dim qty As New TextBox
        qty.Width = 30

        name.ID = Me.NextNameTextboxID

        model.ID = Me.NextModelTextboxID

        qty.ID = Me.NextQtyTextboxID


        If incrementcounter Then
            _additionalRowCount += 1
        End If

        Return tr

    End Function
End Class

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i guess no.of of text boxes you have is equal to is targetTable.Rows.Count.

at server side you can find a control if you know id of control using Page.FindControl() function.


so you can use loop and change number and access textboxes like PrinterName1, PrinterName2, PrinterNam3.



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8/17/2007 2:49:02 PM

Try this :

Response.Write("TextBox Value: " & (CType(FindControl("controlnamecomeshere"), TextBox)).Text)


Suprotim Agarwal

ASP.NET Grid With Excel Capabilities | 27 GridView Tips & Tricks | Hosting your site? | SQL Server Tips
8/17/2007 3:15:30 PM

I have used the replies above to create this code - thanks for your help....

But I still have an issue, if the textbox doesn't exist.... can anyone tell me how to change the

If nameString = "" Then

to something like

If nameString exists??  It maybe a stilly question, but I have searched and haven't found a solution.  Any assistance is greatly appreciated!


Dim X As Integer
        X = 2

        Do While X <= 5

            Dim nameString As String = CType(FindControl("Name" & X), TextBox).Text
            Dim modelString As String = CType(FindControl("Model" & X), TextBox).Text
            Dim qtyString As String = CType(FindControl("qty" & X), TextBox).Text
            Dim item As String = "Item" & X

            If nameString = "" Then
                TableView = TableView
                TableView = TableView & "<tr><td nowrap='nowrap' style='height: 26px;'>" & item _
                + "</td><td>" & nameString _
                + "</td><td>" & modelString _
                + "</td><td>" & qtyString + "</td></tr>"
            End If
            X += 1


8/18/2007 5:59:31 PM
I figured it out!!!!! 

Do While (targetTable.Rows.Count - 1) >= X

I had to use the -1 cuz I have header rows, but it works great!!!!!!!



8/18/2007 6:12:42 PM
I figured it out!!!!! 

Do While (targetTable.Rows.Count - 1) >= X

I had to use the -1 cuz I have header rows, but it works great!!!!!!!


8/18/2007 6:12:49 PM

Sorry about the duplicate post.

 I have seen others do the same thing, the regular reply doesn't seem to be a problem.  At least on my computer... It was the quick reply that caused the duplicates.  It didn't appear to post, so I hit it again.  Then just closed out, because it didn't appear to be working.


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