User controls in .net 2.0

I am using Visual Studio Express 2005.  I am trying to share user controls across applications using the "virtual directory trick" mentioned in the following articles :;EN-US;Q324785

This works in VS 2002, but it does not work in VS Express 2005.  Did MS purposefully eliminate this "trick" from .net 2.0, or am I just not implementing it right?

Sharing user controls across applications is a perfectly natural thing to want to do.  It is one of the best ways to ensure a uniform "look and feel" throughout a site.  It doesn't seem like MS wants to give us a good way to do this.  Yes, I know about precompilation and server controls.  However, it is essential that the HTML designers at my company be able to change the appearance of these user controls at will, without requiring help from the programmers.  Thus, precompilation and server controls do not solve the problem.

I simply can't be the only one in this boat.

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 Afro Blanca wrote:

This works in VS 2002, but it does not work in VS Express 2005.  Did MS purposefully eliminate this "trick" from .net 2.0, or am I just not implementing it right?

Are you seeing an error message?
11/30/2005 9:23:03 PM
Yes.  Here are the steps that I followed:

1) Created a directory called /Shared
2) In this directory, I put TestCtl.ascx.  This is my user control.
3) Created a project called VirtualDirTest.  Created a page called Tester.aspx that used my user control.
4) Went into inetmgr, and created a virtual directory in /VirtualDirTest that mapped to /Shared
5) However, when I tried to add the Register directive to my Tester.aspx file, I got the following errors:
File 'Shared/TestCtl.ascx' was not found. 
The file '/VitualDirTest/Shared/TestCtl.ascx' does not exist.

As far as virtual directories go:
1) Should my /Shared directory be set up as a virtual directory in my site root?
2) I noticed that VS 2005 Express doesn't automatically make web project directories virtual directories in the way that VS 2002 did.  Should I make my /VirtualDirTest directory a virtual directory in my site root?

When I ran this test originally, I didn't have /VirtualDirTest or /Shared set up as virtual directories in my site root.  However, after my initial test didn't work, I tried various combinations of virtual directory setups, and got the same results.

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