Use Loadcontrol and receive "Could not load type error" Error message


I have a web app.
suddenly after working for long time, I get this error message in my app:
Could not load type
when trying to show a web form.
what can be the error?

the iis app is still there.

the DLL checked in reflector and have the type inside it declared as public.

security to the file is OK (even in filemon I can see that aspnet_wp.exe is
accessing the file)

what can be the problem? I just don't know what to do!

additional information:
the page is an aspx web for without code behind that is inheriting from a
PageBase that is declared in my APP.
the pageBase type is loaded fine, and it tries to load a user control
MasterTemplate = LoadControl(ctrl)

the user control asxp file is loaded fine, but it declared as inherits for
it's codebehind type and this type is failing to load.\

(again: this code worked fine for more the 6 month, so there is no problem
with the logic, just that suddenly something went wrong and I can't figure
out what.)

I have already install Servicepack 1 for VS2003 + .net servicepack for 1.1 and it did not  solve the problem

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I succeeded to solve problem by creating new solution and create new projectws (manually, not copy paste)



2/19/2007 10:06:07 AM
Not sure if this may help you, but just in case.Wink 
When using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Web Deployment Projects I received the following error:
Parser Error Message: Could not load type 'SiteMaster'. 
There were no errors during compilation, but when I ran the site after it had been published, this error came up on first hit.
I used "Merge all outputs to a single assembly" for Web Deployment project.
The problem was that I gave Web Deployment assembly the same name as the output assembly for the site.
Changed the names - problem solved.

It's easy when you know ;)


7/3/2007 8:07:30 AM

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