use ActiveX Control

How can I use an ActiveX Control?

I would need it to display a special type of data.

I tried using the <object> tag but against what is written on msdn, there is no attribute progid for this tag. ( I get an invalid attribute error in VS2005)

How else can I use it?




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Well that depends on how your distributing it. Did you make it yourself? Is it in a cab file? is it just a raw hot linked DLL?

Little more to go one is helpful.

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2/25/2009 2:22:03 PM

nope it's commercial and a dll. But users who would potentially use the app already have it installed on their pc anyway and it is on the server too.

I'm not really sure if it needs to be client side since I just want to display the data ( It could also be used to edit the data but that is not needed).

I added a reference to it and tried using it by specifing it in the class atrribute. But when leaving away runat I don't get an error but the control is not displayed (small red cross in place of the control) when i put runtat=server I get "could not load type" error. 


it seems I can use the dll programmatically. I can create the object and tell it to Open a file and it works, but the data I not displayed on the screen . So mabye I should create and display the control using code?


2/26/2009 8:27:18 AM

This works:

<object id="CDCtrl" classid="clsid:45C31980-E065-49A1-A3D7-E69CD40DAF66" 
    style="width: 182px; height: 172px; border-width: medium">
I got the classid by searching windows registry for the control name. Small remaining issue is that no border is displayed, bigger one to actually get the data into the control because when trying to reference it in I always get a null reference exception. Because control is running on client?
2/26/2009 12:32:00 PM

Can you tell me what the control is, and who makes it? Since it's commercial I can go take a quick look and give you some help.

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2/26/2009 2:11:01 PM

So here is my not so straightforward solution. a better one would be nice.

The control accecpts different types (MIME types) of data and this parameter must be passed when loading data.  So setting the "data" property of the control as param in the object tag does not work directly, I tried. This makes it pretty uncool to get the data into the control.

I have a hidden field, a public property in the code-behind and a JavaScript function. On Page load the field value property is set to the datavalue (which is a CLOB) and the JS function is run with ClientScript.RegisterStartupScript. The function does nothing else than transfer value from field to control. EDIT: Note that it has to be a field because a hidden text box is not visible to JavaScript.

Is there a limit of characters a (hidden) field can contain? Because this data can contain quite alot of characters.

here code:


    <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">
        ShowValue = function()
            document.CDCtrl.Data("chemical/cdx") = document.getElementById("ctl00_MainContent_cdx_data").value;            

<input id="cdx_data" type="hidden" runat="server"/>

<object id="CDCtrl" name="CDCtrl" classid="clsid:45C31980-E065-49A1-A3D7-E69CD40DAF66" 
    style="width: 182px; height: 172px; border-width: medium">
    <param name="ViewOnly" value="True" />
    <param name="DataEncoded" value="True" />    

vb code behind:

    Protected Sub Page_Load( _
        ByVal sender As Object, _
        ByVal e As System.EventArgs) _
        Handles Me.Load

        'TO DO:
        ' parameterize property access
' Mol = read only property; gets data through bll

        Me.cdx_data.Value = Mol("AB-000001")

        ClientScript.RegisterStartupScript(Type.GetType("System.String"), "addScript", "ShowValue()", True)
    End Sub





3/2/2009 8:11:31 AM

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