too many characters in character literal

I have this javascript

function kolla(hal)







the errormessage from VS2005 is too many characters in character literal


the functioncall is

txtHole1Strokes.Attributes.Add("onchange", "kolla('1');");


how can i change the string?


also, this is ok



// Regards Tomas

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 alert(document.getElementById('<%=txtHole %>' + hal + '<%=Points.ClientID%>').value);

Regards Mike
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7/25/2007 8:25:24 AM

Ok thx but then I get error:

"the name txtHole does not exist in the current context" and "the name Points does not exist in the current context"



7/25/2007 11:15:41 AM


Ok thx but then I get error:

"the name txtHole does not exist in the current context" and "the name Points does not exist in the current context"


That rather begs the question what you thought this: getElementById('<%=txtHole'+hal+'Points.ClientID%>') represents. How were you trying to apply a value? Where do the parts come from?  What would the client-side id of the element look like?  Would it be eg txtHole8Points?  If so, try this:

getElementById('txtHole' + hal + 'Points') 

Regards Mike
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7/25/2007 11:45:20 AM

Ok, what I want is this.

I have 9 textboxcontrols + 1 textboxcontrol wich is sum.

what I want is to enter values in each textbox and when I leave that textbox I want the sum calculated in sum-textbox. I have tried the the textchanged-event but that required autopostback to work and I dont want that.

Instead I have a javascript that I want to calculate the asp-textboxes. How can I reach a asp textbox value from javascript? I want a javascript function that takes a parameter, hole-number som I can determine which textbox called it.

7/25/2007 8:33:25 PM

<asp:TextBox ID="txtFirst" runat="server" onblur="javascript:CalculateSum(this)" />

<asp:TextBox ID="txtSecond" runat="server" onblur="javascript:CalculateSum(this)" />

<asp:TextBox ID="txtSum"  runat="server"  />


function CalculateSum(txtCntrl)

      // if you wanted to know which control triggerd the event

       var strTextBoxThatCalled = txtCntrl.Id;

       var strTextBoxValue = txtCntrl.value;

       var strVal = document.getElementById('<%= txtSum.ClientID =>').value;



            strVal.value = parseInt(strVal) + parseInt(strTextBoxValue);

      catch(e) { }


 There you go. I would not use try catch though, I personally dont thing that is good programming. I jsut put that there so you know to validate whether or not they are integer values using IsNaN.

Best Regards

7/25/2007 10:17:24 PM
ok thx! that would do the trick!
7/25/2007 10:47:18 PM

If you were thanking me, your welcome. Please remember to mark the answer


Best Regards,   Good Luck! 

7/25/2007 10:49:42 PM

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