Too many characters in character literal while calling javascript function.


I wanna call the java script function when a gridview's link is clicked.
The link is dependent on the query string value of the row.
I am using the the template column in the gridview as below code,

       <a style="color: Blue" href="javascript:gotoURL(this,<%#GetURl(DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem,'id'))%>);">
               <%#GetMove(DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem,'M_Number').ToString())%> //This is the link that appears to the users.

My java script function is below,

 function gotoURL(dl,Id)
            var urlString=dl.document.form1.DropDownListReports.options[dl.document.form1.DropDownListReports.selectedIndex].value;

I am getting the following error at these two lines.

<a style="color: Blue" href="javascript:gotoURL(this,<%#GetURl(DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem,'id'))%>);">

Too many characters in character literal.

Can anybody guess what would have gone wrong.

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To bind a property/attribute, you must use single quotes on the outside and double quotes for strings.  Your lines of code can be shortened to:


<a style="color: blue" href='<%# "javascript:gotoURL(this," & GetURl(Eval("id")) & ");" %>'>
<%# GetMove( Eval("M_Number").ToString() )%>
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What is the nature of the columns ID and M_Number, is any of these columns a varchar Column (text) and does any of the values in these contain double quotes?

If yes then your href would not be closed properly it would look something like this when rendered

<a style="color: Blue" href="javascript:gotoURL(this,123"123">, while 123"123 is an example of the ID that has a double quote there somewhere.

From a security prespective, the datam from M_Number should be clean, if the end user is allowed to fill in or manipulate this data, your website could be vunlerable to XSS attacks. Be careful.

Let me know if this helps.

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