to cache or not to cache?

i have a toolbar at the top of all my web pages and I am not sure whether it is worth caching or not. this toolbar is in fact a search facility consisting of 4 dropdownlists. 3 of the DDL's are static and 1 is databound. i would like to make the whole toolbar into a user control and cache it.

Q1. If one of the DDL's selected item has changed the user control must know not to load from the cache. is it possible to include this kind of logic to a cached user control?
Q2. Is it worth caching my toolbar? Or should I just consider caching the 1 databound DDl instead?
any help much appreciated.

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Seems like you should be able to do this by using VaryByParam attribute of the OutputCache declaration.  So you might have VaryByParam="ddl1,ddl2,ddl3, etc".

The thing to consider is how many possible combinations of the DDL's could there be? In other words, how many different versions of the user control are you going to end up with in the cache? I recently came across a comparison of response times as the number of cached page versions increased. Using sample pages of 250 KB, with less than 1,000 pages cached, the responses/sec. was 15.37. With more than 1,200 cached pages, the responses/sec. dropped to 3.15.
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ok i understand. my dropdownlists only contain about 4 or 5 items each so it might be worth me caching.

thanks for the advice.
cheers martin

3/10/2004 12:18:00 PM

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