the problem for connection string in web.config

I used one line in web.config
 <add key="ConnectionString" value="User ID=user;Password=user;Initial Catalog=Dashboard;Data Source=database_prod"/>

to connect the production database. it works fine.

I created a instance of the production database. then I used same line. just changed  the name. .
<add key="ConnectionString" value="User ID=user;Password=user;Initial Catalog=Dashboard;Data Source=database_Dev"/>

to connect the development database 
I was not able to log into. login fails.
I don't know if code problem or set up database problem


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Try including the address (IP no. or in any other acceptable format) to your remote server in the Connection String:

<add key="ConnectionString" value="Server=;User ID=user;Password=user;Initial Catalog=Dashboard;Data Source=database_Dev"/>

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