Text box - Text changed event

I have a Popup calendar that opens when i click on the parent form and, and after selecting date - it fills the parent textbox and closes the popup window.

Every thing is working fine, but i have one problem, i want the Textbox - textchanged event to fire when there is a change,(auto postback for textbox is set to true).
This is not happening. If i manually type in the date in the textbox and go to other control then it fires, but not when i select date from PopUp.
How to make it work
Appreciate any response.

Parent Form
function OpenCalendar(obj1) {
var w=window.open("../PopupCalendar.aspx?textbox="+obj1+",,width=625,height=760,scrollbars=yes,resizeable=yes");

txtText = New WebControls.TextBox
txtText.ID = "txtDate" & j
txtText.AutoPostBack = True
AddHandler txtText.TextChanged, AddressOf TextBox_TextChanged

hypLink = New HyperLink
hypLink.ID = "hypCal" & j
hypLink.ImageUrl = "../images/SmallCalendar.gif"
strJS = "javascript:OpenCalendar('txtDate" & j & "');"
strJS = "window.open('../PopupCalendar.aspx?textbox=txtDate" & j & "','cal','width=250,height=225,left=270,top=180')"
hypLink.Attributes.Add("onClick", strJS)
hypLink.NavigateUrl = "javascript:;"

Protected Sub Change_Date(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs)
Dim strScript As String = "<script>window.opener.document.forms(0)." + control.Value + ".value = '"
strScript += calDate.SelectedDate.ToString("MM/dd/yyyy")
strScript += "';window.close()"
strScript += "</" + "script>"
RegisterClientScriptBlock("anything", strScript)
End Sub

11/5/2004 3:04:45 PM
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By design, the browsers only fire their onchange event when the user explicitly edits the textbox and the field loses focus. When you programmatically change the value of the textbox, onchange will not fire.

The AutoPostBack feature generates its javascript in the onchange event.
Your goal is to run the __doPostBack() function that is on the original window. I'm not sure how to do that from the second window.
FYI: DateTextBoxes are the most common control available on ASP.NET. Third parties have created so many of them, some free, some fancy with a price. The better ones popup their calendar using the same window. This requires they replace the Microsoft calendar with one that uses javascript to update itself without posting back on each click. The benefits are several:
- The separate window can easily get hidden behind the original one.
- No more posting back, which improves user interaction and reduces server time used
- They position perfectly near the popup button
- Its easy for the third party control to call that __doPostBack() function since is on the same page.
You can learn about the many DateTextBox controls at these sites: www.asp.net's Control Gallery, www.123aspx.com, and 411asp.net.
I make the one called Peter's Date Package. It has the advanced calendar features I've described (no post back, no separate window). It supports auto post back when you change an item on the calendar.

--- Peter Blum
Creator of Peter's Data Entry Suite (formerly Professional Validation And More and Peter's Date Package) and Peter's Polling Package
11/5/2004 4:55:02 PM
Thanks for the reply. 

But is there a way to do this without using third party controls?
11/5/2004 5:48:34 PM
I had a work around for this - by 

using ImageButton that will postback instead of HyperLink AND
Making the Calendar as ModalDialog.
I have the Code here - in case if some one is looking for same kind of solution.
***** JAVASCRIPT *********
function OpenCalendar(obj1) {
strVal = document.getElementById(obj1).value;
strFeatures = "dialogWidth=265px;dialogHeight=235px;scrollbars=no;center=yes;border=thin;help=no;status=no";
strURL = "../PopupCalendar.aspx?textbox=" + obj1
if (retval==null) {
return false;
if ((retval.length > 0) && (retval != "")) {
document.getElementById(obj1).value = retval;
strVal1 = document.getElementById(obj1).value;
if (strVal != ""){
if (strVal == strVal1) {
return false;
}else {
return true;
else {
return true;
***** CODE BEHIND *********
txtText = New WebControls.TextBox
txtText.ID = "txtDate" & j
txtText.AutoPostBack = True
txtText.EnableViewState = True
txtText.Width = Unit.Pixel(90)
AddHandler txtText.TextChanged, AddressOf TextBox_TextChanged
imgButton = New ImageButton
imgButton.ID = "imgCal" & j
imgButton.AlternateText = "Calendar"
imgButton.ImageUrl = "../images/SmallCalendar.gif"
strJS = "javascript:return OpenCalendar('txtDate" & j & "');"
imgButton.Attributes.Add("onClick", strJS)

***** JAVASCRIPT*********
function fGetCalDate(strCalDate){
window.returnValue = strCalDate;
***** CODE BEHIND *********
Protected Sub Change_Date(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs)
Dim strScript As String
strScript = "<script>fGetCalDate('"
strScript += calDate.SelectedDate.ToString("MM/dd/yyyy")
strScript += "');"
strScript += "</" + "script>"
RegisterClientScriptBlock("anything", strScript)
End Sub
11/15/2004 7:50:17 PM

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