Summary Validation Doesn't work for Custom Vlidation Control ,Server side validation

I have many validation controls, one of which is custom validation control. All the validation controls run on client side show proper validation summary message. But for Custom validation control, the validation summary doesn't show anything which runs on server side. Why? My sample code is as follow.
protected void CusValSponsorName_ServerValidate*object source, ServerValidateEventArgs args*
        string[] names = sd.getSponsorName("Select SponsorName from Sponsor");

        foreach *string name in names*
            if (args.Value == name)
                args.IsValid = false;
                //MessageBox.Show*"SponsorName is alreay existed, Cannot add!"*;
                //flag = false;      

Eventhough I put the Message box, the event runs twice and show Message two times.
Is it the Bug of VS 2005 professional? If so, please give me the solutoin ASAP. Thanks
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If your customvalidator evaluation function is called twice, there are a couple of reasons:

1. You are calling Page.Validate() twice. If a Button submits the page and has CausesValidation=true, it will fire once. Perhaps you are calling it a second time.

2. The ServerValidate event is attached twice to your method. Perhaps you are programmatically setting it and also using <%@ Page AutoEventWireup="true" %>.

Don't forget to test Page.IsValid is true inside your postback event handler method and skip code that would process the page's data if its false.

--- Peter Blum
Creator of Peter's Data Entry Suite (formerly Professional Validation And More and Peter's Date Package) and Peter's Polling Package
5/10/2007 5:44:03 PM

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