Setting the datasource of one dropdown box based on the values selected in another

As the title says, how is this done.

I thought it would as simple as saying something like:

If dropdown1 SelectedValue = 1 Then

    dropdown2.datasource = 'what's the exact syntax here?

End if

Can someone let me now how this is done please?





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 dropdown2.datasource = 'The list of data you want to bind.'

don't forget to put


to bind the dropdown to your new datasource

8/20/2007 3:37:57 PM

 Thanks very much for the prompt reply Bart. I've tried what you suggested and which works - sort of! I probably didn't explain myself very well the first time.


Anyway, I need to set both the text and the value of the second dropdown. For example, what I have in  mind is this:

1;Maternal age

'Missing', 'Maternal age' etc is what the user sees. What gets wriiten to the db are the values 0, 1 and 3. Is it possble to set both these values do you know?

Thanks again.


8/20/2007 3:48:59 PM


dropdown2.items.add(new ListItem("Missing","0"));

dropdown2.items.add(new ListItem("Maternal Age","1"));

 dropdown2.items.add(new ListItem("OSCAR","3"));

 User sees text, but selected value will be the string value of your second parameter.

If you want it as integer, you need to convert it.



8/20/2007 4:02:56 PM

Thanks very much. This is exactly what I need.


8/21/2007 8:06:10 AM

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