Setting control values from one user control to another

I have two user controls on a page.  Control 1 is view. Control2 is search.  User selects value on Control2 and I want to update Control1(View).  I cannot find syntax to change values on Control1 from Control2.  The following is function on Control1 that is called from Control2 after pageInit and load on Control1.  I have tried many many ways to findControl but all fail.

'Function on Control1 called from Control2 after Control1 PageInit/load:

        Public Function loadFormValues(ByVal intValue As Int32)

            Dim tb As New TextBox
            tb = parent.findControl("Control1").FindControl("tbsecure_lastname")' fails at finding textbox on Control1
            tb.Text = intValue 

        End Function

'Note: In this app I have no control of the page name or form name.


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Sounds like you need to set the SELECT parameter of the datasource of your view to the control .text value of the textbox. Then have your button_click event do Datasource.Databind()
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I'm not entirely clear on the hierarchy of your controls and how they are used, but does your Control1 contain simple set of controls or something more complex involving DetailsView or FormView?  My testing with simple user controls seems to indicate that your code should work.  If you have more complex hierarchy, then you may be missing a reference to one of the container when using FindControl().  Also, is your Control2 calling a function defined in Control1 (above code) and exactly where is this being called from (which event)?


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I am calling from ItemCommand of linkbutton.

The hierarchy is defined by dotnetnuke more than I.

        Private Sub dgSearchResults_ItemCommand(ByVal source As Object, ByVal e As System.Web.UI.WebControls.DataGridCommandEventArgs) Handles dgSearchResults.ItemCommand
            Dim lButFname As LinkButton
            Dim objView As New viewSecMan

            lButFname = e.Item.FindControl("lbutFullName")
            'Catch ex As Exception

            'End Try

        End Sub

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I'm not familiar with dotnetnuke (you may want to post your question on that thread), but it's possible that your control is embedded within another container which may need to be accessed before using the FindControl() function.  It all depends on your hierarchy involved.  FindControl() is one of the most confusing feature in this respect.  You may also want to do a search on this forum for "FindControl" since many topics were discussed under various conditions.  One of them may apply to your situation. Good luck.
1/17/2006 8:01:42 PM
I also want to note that exposing control values as properties in the senerio at the head of this post will yeild an "Object Not Found" error since the control has loaded.
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You'd have to do that through the parent of the User Controls.

In User Control #1:
      Create a public property to the child control:
            public string ControlValue
                        return this.TextBox1.Text; 
                        this.TextBox1.Text = value; 

In User Control #2:
      Create a public property to the child control:
            public string ControlValue
                        return this.TextBox1.Text; 
                        this.TextBox1.Text = value; 

In the parent (aspx):
      Create global references to the User Controls
            protected YourUserControlA YourUserControlA1;
            protected YourUserControlB YourUserControlB1;

Then to set the property:
      YourUserControlB1.ControlValue = YourUserControlA1.ControlValue;



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