Setting a dropdownlist value based on a value in a Database

I have a page that allows users to create a user account.

The aspx has various dropdowns that I populate by binding the dropdownlist to a dataset.
OK so far?
However, I also want a page where the user can edit their I need to be able to set the selected value based on what is saved in my user table and I also need to add the extra entries.
Anyone know how I can do this easily.
Do I need to join on my user table and my table that has all the various categories in order to get the selected value and add my other values??
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For selecting the correct value you can use the DropDownList::Items::FindByText or DropDownList::Items::FindByValue methods and set the Selected property to the Item.

For filling up with the additional values, you can call DataBind() and after that add the items you need to the Items collection using ListItem class.
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