Sending array data with hidden input field from client side to server side

I have some values that I'm sending with javascript to the server side code via a hidden input field.  This works great.  However, I want to find an elegant way to split the values up on the server side.  What I have below works, but it doesn't seem like a very clean solution. 

Client code

var values = '&approved=1&funded=0&winprob=2';

document.form1.ipHidden.value = values.toString();

Server code

Dim strValues As String = ipHidden.Value.ToString()

Dim strApproved = strValues.Substring(strValues.IndexOf("approved=") + 9, 1)

Dim strFunded = strValues.Substring(strValues.IndexOf("funded=") + 7, 1)

Dim strWinProb = strValues.Substring(strValues.IndexOf("winprob=") + 8, 1)


As you can see I'm passing the values similar to how they'd be passed in a QueryString.  Is there a way to take a string like "strValues = &approved=1&funded=0&winprob=2" and get the values for each key similar to using the QueryString.  ie.  strApproved = strValues.QueryString("approved")

Thanks for any help.


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You can split strValues whenever @ character exists

strValues.Split('@') which will return a string array containing 4 items 

    1- Nothing

    2- approved=1

    3- funded=0

    4- winprob=2

And you can assign each string to its specified value in the returned string array


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I understand how Split will return a string array, butI still don't understand how to get at each value without looping through the array and testing for the existence of the key I want the value for.  Is the following the best way to get at these values?  Or could the string array be loaded into a SortedList easily?  Then I could just reference the SortedList like strApproved = slList.Item("approved").  But how do I load the SortedList without doing something clunky with the InStr and Substring methods?

Dim strArray() = strValues.Split("&")

For Each strValue As String In strArray

If InStr(strValue, "approved") Then

strApproved = strValue.Substring(9, 1)

ElseIf InStr(strValue, "funded") Then

strFunded = strValue.Substring(7, 1)

ElseIf InStr(strValue, "winprob") Then

strWinProb = strValue.Substring(8, 1)

End If



Thanks for the help.


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Perhaps you can try the following code snippet to retrieve the values from the string above.

  Protected Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Me.Load

        Dim strValues As String = "&approved=1&funded=0&winprob=2"
        Dim strWinProb As String
        Dim strApproved As String
        Dim strFunded As String
        Dim strArray() = strValues.Split("&")
        For Each str1 As String In strArray
            If str1 Is Nothing Or str1 = "" Then
                Continue For
                Dim substrarray() = str1.Split("=")
                Select Case substrarray(0)
                    Case "approved"
                        strApproved = substrarray(1)
                    Case "funded"
                        strFunded = substrarray(1)
                    Case "winprob"
                        strWinProb = substrarray(1)
                End Select
            End If
    End Sub



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