Remove controls dynamically!

 I have 4 datagrids on a page and depending on a few parameters leading to that page I want to remove two of them.




This piece of code does not seem to work. Whats the proper way to remove a control that was added at design time, during run-time?



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 Dear Freind,


You can't remove the controls added at the design time, if you wants to remove the controls dynamically, then add them dynamically only. 


Happy Coding.


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It should be ur form name 

    <form id="form1" runat="server">


           Your controls here






Nital Soni

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Easiest way is to hide these controls:

datagrid3.Visible = false;
datagrid4.Visible = false;

Sure, it is possible to remove controls dynamically. You have to remove controls from its parent container. So, if your grids are located in Panel with ID "panel1", then you have to remove these controls with


So check the parent of your grids first and then write correct code. And of course your code has to be executed during the page life cycle.

12/17/2007 6:29:40 AM


Easiest way is to hide these controls:

datagrid3.Visible = false;
datagrid4.Visible = false;

Sure, it is possible to remove controls dynamically. You have to remove controls from its parent container. So, if your grids are located in Panel with ID "panel1", then you have to remove these controls with


So check the parent of your grids first and then write correct code. And of course your code has to be executed during the page life cycle.

No Nail, You will not find any Page.panel1.  If the control to be deleted is within a panel, you will need to get a reference of that panel first. Page.Form.panel1 or form1.panel1 both don't exit. Alternativelly one has to write like this:

Panel p = (Panel)Page.Form.FindControl("Panel1");




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