Refreshing a web page before redirecting to a new web page

I am working on a sign up form for my users. Once their data has been successfully added to the database I want to display a message and then redirect them to the main home page after 5 seconds. When I run the code, I never see my Successful message go to my textbox. Any ideas? Code is below:


1                lblInformation.Text = "Email Address Added Successfully! Please Wait..."
2                lblInformation.BackColor = Drawing.Color.Green
3                lblInformation.ForeColor = Drawing.Color.White
4                lblInformation.Font.Bold = True
5                System.Threading.Thread.Sleep(5000)
6                Response.Redirect("~/track/index.aspx", False)
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What is happening is Thread.Sleep puts the current thread to sleep for 5 seconds, now if you launched another thread let your current, main thread finish, and the put you new one to sleep for 5 seconds. You could in theory have that thread redirect you to another page. However you will run into thread abort issues as the spawned thread will never really have an abort or stop method.

You could register a start up script that redirects you after five seconds in javascript.

Js File

function redirect()
     window.location.href="/track/index/aspx" mce_href="/track/index/aspx";

Code Behind {C#}


public void SetRedirect()
        StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
        sb.Append("\r\n<script language='JavaScript'>\r\n");
        sb.Append("function doTimeout()\r\n");
        sb.Append("window.onload = doTimeout;\r\n");
        sb.Append("// -->\r\n");
        control.Page.RegisterClientScriptBlock("SetRedirect", sb.ToString());
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you could use update panel with update progress message saying "Successful"

then on the Submit Button click event just use the Thread.Sleep & Redirect.

That will ensure that the message shows while the sleep is occuring.

9/20/2008 5:57:06 AM

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