Raise Event when a selected date is selected again in Calendar

Hi all,

When I view source of the rendered page that contains a calendar control, I see it's a table, with a child table where each date is a table cell calling the all powerful __dopostback function with the calendar id as the event target and a unique numeric string as the event argument.

Since the selected date is also containing the dopostback function, could that be exploited to call a routine during page load due to postback.

I have come upto this and got stuck after that.

'aspx.vb code snippet:

If TypeOf sender Is Control Then
     dim ctl as control
            ctl = sender
     If ctl.ClientID = "calTest" 'calTest is ID of the calendar

  'What do I do now to check if the selected date has been selected again?

End If

Thanks in advance

9/7/2006 8:14:05 AM
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You can set the selectedDate into a viewstate or a session. In the selectionChanged event , you can check it out whether the new selectedDate is in the session or viewstate.

Best Regards,
Rex Lin
Microsoft Online Community Support

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9/8/2006 7:21:48 AM

Hi rexlin,

I want to run a sub-routine when there is no change in the selection. This happens when the user clicks again on the selected date.

I have noticed that there is a dopostback when the selected date is clicked again.

So, even though it won't raise a selectionchanged event, it would still postback.

I want to know, what could be done to trap that event. Is it dayrender or something? I am still searching.

Thanks in advance.

9/8/2006 9:01:35 AM

Yes, if you select the selected date again ,the selectionchanged event will not fire.

May you can do it in the Calendar_Load or DayRender event.

Best Regards,
Rex Lin
Microsoft Online Community Support

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9/8/2006 9:31:04 AM

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