Quartz.Net donesn't work After Error Occured


i have a quartz.net scheduler in my web application and it work fine ,fire the job according to my schedule time.

but, it there is an error in some method, it doesn't  file the job again for next day. why this happen?

i write this in my 

protected void Application_Start(object sender, EventArgs e)
            Quartz.ISchedulerFactory factory = new Quartz.Impl.StdSchedulerFactory();
            Quartz.IScheduler scheduler = factory.GetScheduler();
            Quartz.JobDetail job1 = new Quartz.JobDetail("job", null, typeof(MyJob));
            Quartz.Trigger trigger = Quartz.TriggerUtils.MakeDailyTrigger(00,00); // i edit this each time before compilation (for testing purposes)
            trigger.StartTimeUtc = Quartz.TriggerUtils.GetEvenSecondDate(DateTime.UtcNow);
            trigger.Name = "trigger";
            scheduler.ScheduleJob(job1, trigger);


 and i have a class call MyJob.cs

public void Execute(JobExecutionContext context)
            catch (Exception e)
                WriteToErrorLog("##ErrorStart##" + e.Message + e.StackTrace);


in BLL class, i write some method like this

public void DoScheduleProcess()






let's say if i got the error in A or B , the quartz.net scheduler don't work or fire in next schedule time.

let's say Mon, Tue, Wed ok with no error and work fine

Thu, got error , Fri don't fire the schedule job at all

so far i google some forum and can't fine the correct answer to solve my problems

help me please

thank a lot

4/24/2009 3:33:37 AM
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update for my post., i put logging to log error messages in every methods.

but.., it doesn't throw any error exception, i think the job scheduler doesn't start at all at schedule time


4/24/2009 5:44:08 AM

Hi, I solved my problem.

Actually it is not Quartz.Net not fire the job trigger or not fire after some error occure.

The fact is , in the Server , we need to change setting in IIS properties.

It's because of website idle time.

Go to IIS , Search for your website name,  Right click it and select properties

u should see a check box (Idle the website after 20 min) , something like that.

Sorry for i can't tell u excetly , cause our Admin change that settings.

But this solved the problem.

Thank u all for ur time 

Sorry for my bad english , Hope it help u in some way


4/27/2009 11:47:24 AM

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