Problems selecting the selected item in a Listbox

Hi All,

I've got two listboxes which I want to allow a user to move items from one to the other. I do the population of the first list during the initial page load and bind the results to the first listbox. I have a button which does the move of the selected item to the second listbox.

The problem is when I select an item then click the move button it always moves the first item in the list even if that item is not selected, and never moves the selected item.

I've checked that during the postback the listbox is not being repopulated, and it isn't. Any help very much appreciated! thanks....and the code:

Pageload code: 

            //poopulate address grouplist
                    //first time load org list
                    SqlCommand emailDtls = null;

                    DBConn = new SqlConnection(logConnect);

                    //select relevant stored proc
                    emailDtls = new SqlCommand("tp_getGroupEmailAddresses", DBConn);

                    //define the command type
                    emailDtls.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure;
                    SqlParameter emailDtlsParam = emailDtls.Parameters.Add("@subscription_id", SqlDbType.Int);
                    emailDtlsParam.Value = Session["subscription_id"];

                    //open connection

                    SqlDataReader emailDtlsReader = emailDtls.ExecuteReader();

                    //get details
                        //populate message box
                        groupList.DataSource = emailDtlsReader;
                        groupList.DataTextField = "description";
                        groupList.DataValueField = "email";

                        //groupList.SelectedIndex = 0;

                        //enable buttons if page refreshed and buttons were disabled
                        if(!(addEmail.Enabled = true))
                            removeEmail.Enabled = true;
                            addEmail.Enabled = true;
                        //no group emails exsits disable select/remove buttons
                        removeEmail.Enabled = false;
                        addEmail.Enabled = false;

                        //display error message
                        RegisterStartupScript("Messaging Problem", "<script language=\"javascript\">alert('No Group emails have been set. Please report this to a System Administrator'); </script>");                       

                    //close connection
                    DBConn.Close() ;

                catch(Exception ex)
                    //display message
                    UrlParameterPasser urlWrapper = new UrlParameterPasser("turinginformationsystem/errorPage.aspx");
                    urlWrapper["msg"] = ex.Message;

Button click code:

         private void addEmail_Click(object sender, System.EventArgs e)
            bool hiLited = false;

            //check address is highlighted, if so move to
            if(groupList.SelectedIndex > -1)
                //set indicator to show a record has been selected
                hiLited = true;
                //create entry in to list the delete from grouplist
                toList.Items.Add(new ListItem(groupList.SelectedItem.Text, groupList.SelectedValue));

                //delete item


            //display message if nothing selected
                //display error message
                RegisterStartupScript("Messaging Problem", "<script language=\"javascript\">alert('Please select a group address first.'); </script>");                        






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I tested your code specially addEvent_Click its working fine.  I think there is some problem in your page load event, so please double check your code.


3/6/2007 6:36:11 PM

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