Problems in Generating and filling data in Excel sheet

Hi Techies,

I am loading data from a database into an excel spreadsheet template which is pre-formatted. programatically I am copying this template and filling the data into the cells and give the user of this web application to save the excel spread sheet filled with data to save the file his to local system

But when I use this application in localsystem / development system its working fine and filling the data

when its deployed in production server its giving varous problems i.e

1. Hresult 0X8001010A being used by another process

2. Some times its creating empty spreadsheet template

3. some times its being hanged  and no responce

 I am using the Asp.Net technology with the code behind as a VB.Net

If you have any suggestion and solution for the same please help out !!

Thanks in Adavnce



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Please post the code, to find the problem

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If I understand correctly, you have an empty Excel spreadsheet template on your server.  Your web page opens the spreadsheet, adds the data, then allows a user to save it?  Do you save the filled template back to the server?

I have had much success with CarlosAg's ExcelXmlWriter.  It's a free library that allows you to create an Excel spreadsheet completely in code behind.  To get you started, he has a code generator that will take your template Excel file and create the classes for it.  All you do is program in your data.  Depending on the layout of your spreadsheet, it can take a little bit of programming.

For even more Excel power on the server, have a look at Aspose.  Their Office libraries are the best.  Not free, but if you need more than what Carlos' library can do, this is where to go.

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