problem with selected text field and selected value field in check box list



i have a  problem with check box list:

here is the code for binding the check box list with sqldatasource 

 SqlDataSource1.SelectCommand = "select vcentrolno,inttpaperno from tabmarksdetails where vcbunchno='" & strBunchNo & "'"

say now my chkEnrolNos consist of data in this way:

vcentrolno        inttpaperno
selected text   selected value
A11439            1
A11439            2
AR439             3
AR11440          1
AR11440          2

assuming first 4 items are selected 

in for loop:

when i am selecting the first item i am getting the correct values of  vcentrolno  and  inttpaperno  ie, for vcentrolno as selected field item and inttpaperno as selected value item.

now the problem is with the second item. here second item vcentrolno  is same as first one but the selected value field is different but am getting the same selected value of first item ie 1.

 for other vcentrolno  i am getting the correct selected value. this problem occurs only when the vcentrolno is same other wise its working fine.

plz can any body solve my problem 

thank u,


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