Page.Validate() not validating custom validators


when i call Page.Validate("myGroup") 

The custom validators in the validation group myGroup  are not validated, i.e.  validator.IsValid returns true even if the validator failed on  page submit.

 code snippet:

            foreach (IValidator validator in this.Validators)
                if (!validator.IsValid)

                      //take action on validation failure

  the code works fine except if validator is of type custom validator

any hepl is appreciated .


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You are testing the IsValid property on each validator after validating. That is good. Another way to do that is test Page.IsValid = true (just once after validating). But this is not the solution in your case.

Here are the possibilities:

1. You did not setup the ServerValidate event on the customvalidators. That event handles your custom validation.

2. The Validation Group name on the validators is not "ToolsImplementation".

3. The CustomValidators are Enabled=false or Visible=false. Note that if they are contained in another control that is Visible=false, they will be Visible=false too.

--- Peter Blum
Creator of Peter's Data Entry Suite (formerly Professional Validation And More and Peter's Date Package) and Peter's Polling Package
10/23/2006 10:51:53 PM

Hi PLBlum,

Thanks for the reply. Actually all my custom validators are having a their ClientValidationFunction set to a javascript function to carry out the validation and the respective control value is validated as soon as page is submitted be a button in having the same validation group as that of the validator.

Do I need to set up the ServerValidate event in this case? 

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10/24/2006 5:30:44 AM
You most definately do, otherwise users with javascript disabled would go straight through :)
10/24/2006 5:40:01 AM

Ok that's right. I think it solves my problem.

Thanks all. 

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10/24/2006 1:57:54 PM

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