Page is not getting refreshed but my datagrid is getting refreshed how to refresh the page

Hi EveryOne,

Im getting a problem here that my datgrid is getting refreshed for every Updation ,Edit,Cancel commands but the page is not getting refreshed so anybody can help me how a page gets refreshed in a button click in C# of Asp.Net.                           

Thanx in Advance Rutts

Ratnakar Choudry,,

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When you do an update on the DataGrid, for sure a postback happens! So how is it that the DataGrid is refreshed and not the whole Page? Explain more please!


Bilal Hadiar, MCP, MCTS, MCPD, MCT
Microsoft MVP - Telerik MVP
12/14/2006 7:46:34 AM
Yes it is PostBack function but im displaying errors while filling the Dataset in alinkbuttons which are been produced randomly so wat is happening here is if any value is entered correctly in thae datagrid according to my conditions the the linkbutton should disapper but it is happening when anyof other linkbutton are to be clicked then only these linkbuttons are getting refreshed so i need help from the other end how to refreesh the apge in tha button click so that the linkbuttons can agian be refreshed agin so thats the reason i need to help how to refresh a page on buttonclick any help would be most appreciateable,                                                                                                                                                                             Thanx in advance Rutts.
Ratnakar Choudry,,

Tension Nahi Leneka Apun Hai Nah...
12/14/2006 8:45:07 AM
This is how im writing the code, then how to call that function linkcheck(); after my Update or Edit or Cancel command so can any One Suggest me how to do this
private void Page_Load(object sender, System.EventArgs e)
Ratnakar Choudry,,

Tension Nahi Leneka Apun Hai Nah...
12/14/2006 11:54:17 AM
Hey My problem has been solved Sory to Disturb u ppl.
Ratnakar Choudry,,

Tension Nahi Leneka Apun Hai Nah...
12/17/2006 4:12:38 AM

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