Open file in its associated program

There is a hyperlink to files. If the link is clicked the file should be opened in associated program.

For example if the link is a doc file then MS word should be open and doc file should be displayed.
Any help..?
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3/17/2004 8:09:49 PM
As long as your clients have the proper applications installed with the proper file associations it should work. I have links to files and they all open up properly in their respective apps.
3/17/2004 8:10:42 PM
I want to Open MS word application and open the word document in it. All clients will have MS word loaded in their machine.

Similarly if it is a excel file, then I want to open the MS Excel and open the excel spread sheet in excel.

3/18/2004 5:24:57 PM
I used this code to call doc file. In the task manager the winword.exe is running but there is not word application opens.

Process myProcess = new Process();
string myDocumentsPath =
myProcess.StartInfo.FileName = myDocumentsPath + "\\Doc1.doc";
//myProcess.StartInfo.Verb = "Print";
//myProcess.StartInfo.cre = true;
Looks like it is hung.
3/18/2004 6:21:03 PM
As the others said above, all you have to do to open a file is to point the URL of a window to the file you wish to open on the server.  If the user has the application associated with that file on their machine it will open automatically.  You do not need to deal with processes..
3/18/2004 7:02:19 PM
It is showing me with dialog box to open , save , cancel. I don't want to see this dialog box,instead I want to open word, and load the file.

Even If I select Open dialog box it will open in IE window, but I don't want to happen.
3/22/2004 7:30:07 PM

just a though about this. Did you try messing with your IE security settings. Maybe you have it set somewhere in there to prompt when opening a file instead of just opening it. Try taking a look at that under the IE menu bar --> tools --> Internet Options
Let me know what happens
3/22/2004 9:11:58 PM

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