Need to validate the Textbox value with database columm value

Working with ASP.NET 2.0 i have a textbox say txt1 for entering the date and a column in database for date.I need to validate the txt1 vaalue with the database value ,if txt1 date doesn't exist in the database i want to warn the user (Date doesnt Exist) either on textbox change event or on button click.

How can i do this.....

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I would have a textbox, a label and a button. Then on the onClick event handler for the button I would have the code where the search in the DB is being made and if I receive any rows, modify the Text property of the label to say something like "Date exists". If there aren't any rows in the DB, modify the Text property of the label to say something like "Date doesn't exist".

Hope this helps. 

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You need to use a CustomValidator and you'd validate the date in the CustomValidator's code during PostBack.

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I'd put code in the Text Changed event for the textbox that makes a call to the DB and checks to see if the date exists.  This will fire when the person pressed Enter after changing the text or the textbox loses focus after the person entered a date, so it'll fire right after they make their change.  If it doesn't, it can warm the user with a message box or error message on the page.  You might even be able to do this in client-side server script to save a post-back to the server, but I've never tried that before.

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