need help with formatting a decimal number

I have a field that is stored as a float in the database and I have to divide it by 3 when

I display it back to the user sometimes I get this:
How do I format it so it is two decimals or maybe even just drop the decimal all together?
Either of these is what Im after: 119.3, 19.33, or 119.
Please help.
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Change for your culture and number of decimal places:

// Gets a NumberFormatInfo associated with the en-US culture.
NumberFormatInfo nfi = new CultureInfo( "en-US", false ).NumberFormat;
// Displays a negative value with the default number of decimal digits (2).
Decimal myDec = 119.33333333;
Console.WriteLine( myDec.ToString( "N", nfi ) );

Darrell Norton, MVP
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4/13/2004 4:55:32 PM
Thank you Darrel.

This also worked for me.
Decimal.Round(somevalue, 2)
(rounded to two places)
4/13/2004 5:17:37 PM
I didn't know if you wanted it rounded or not, so I put up the way where the decimal value did not change yet displayed a "rounded" amount.  But if it works, don't fix it!
Darrell Norton, MVP
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4/13/2004 7:53:17 PM
Hi! Sorry if i'm dumb but how can you do these in ASP.NET using VB Language? Thanks!
I'm an old timer in Classic ASP but a newbie on ASP.NET, so please help me out. Thanks in advance
9/3/2007 10:31:26 AM

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