Need help getting started with LINQ

I'm using a project that had already been converted to framework 3.5.  I'm developing with VS 2008 Professional.  I have a very simple page to write.  It has a text box that updates one field in a small table.  Hardly more complicated than "Hello World" and I thought a good place to start using LINQ.

I've been going through the ASP.NET videos on LINQ, and created autoresponders.dbml for the autoresponders table.  The table contains three fields: ResponseID (identity & primary key), Responder (name of responder) and Text (responder text)  Now I have the following code:

Dim db As New AutoRespondersDataContext
Dim al = From a In db.AutoResponders Where a.Responder = "System" Select a
al.text = txtAlert.Text

That dratted blue squiggly line is appearing under al.text and the intellisense says "Text is not a member of System.LINQ.IQueryable (of AutoResponder)

What am I doing wrong?


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You need to use the Single property on your query:

Dim al = (From a In db.AutoResponders Where a.Responder = "System" Select a).Single

This will return a single record which does not need to be looped through.  Your original query returns a collection (even though it just has 1 item in it, its still a collection) which you would need to loop through.

"Sector clear"
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That explains it, thank you!


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