login control can i used to controll what data can user see it

i have a project with mulit company can i used login control to control what company user can see it and what user cant see it

the company comes from database

thanks alot for any help
4/12/2008 9:40:10 AM
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first of all you should have a table in database database that contains (user_id, company_id,  password, auth_level). the auth_level can be used to grant specific content/page access to each user of each company. but, you need to override the authentication process as bellow.


protected void Login1_Authenticate(object sender, AuthenticateEventArgs e)
Login login = (Login)sender;
if (AuthenticateLogin(login.UserName, login.Password, Session, Request))
e.Authenticated = true;
e.Authenticated = false;

private bool AuthenticateLogin(string userName, string password, HttpSessionState session, HttpRequest request)
//DBConnection is my own implementation of DataBase connection.
//That simply connects and executes queries.

DBConnection dbc = new DBConnection();
string qry = "SELECT * " +
"FROM Users, SecurityLevels " +
"WHERE (UserName = '" + userName + "') AND (Password = '" + password + "')";

SqlDataReader reader = dbc.GetDataReader(qry);

bool retVal = reader.Read();

if (retVal)
UserData user = new UserData();
user.UserID = (int)reader["userid"];
user.SecLevel = (int)reader["SecLevelID"];
session["user"] = user;

reader = null;

return retVal;

The UserData class contains simple getter/setter for the attributes i listed above for the table (except the password ofcourse). you can also add anything more in this class if you want.
Then whenever you need to check access permission for a user, try this:


//assume SecLevel is maximum when it is 0.
//the higher SecLevel of user, the lower privilege he has.

int desiredSecLevelForPage = 2;

//not logged in. redirect to login page.

UserData user = (UserData)Session["user"];

//check if current user has proper access
if(user.SecLevel > desiredSecLevelForPage){

//.... rest of the code for the page...

hope this makes sense.

zp bappi.


4/12/2008 3:30:19 PM

Would it not be simpler to use the built-in login control, and web.config user allow/diallow rules to achieve this?

I know that this would mean you would have to add your users into the "standard" user database, but I'm sure it's not complete rocket science to point the login control to your own database (although I haven't looked at this!).

Kelsey Thornton
(In the Netherlands)

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(VB code examples preferred)
4/12/2008 3:42:55 PM

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