IO Error - file not found

VS.Net 2003 and C#

I know I'm missing something simple here, but this will not find the file and it is there....

m_Bitmap = (Bitmap)Bitmap.FromFile(

this.imgTest.ImageUrl, false);

The image url is relative and the path is correct. - "images/myImage.gif"



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Are you sure you don't need an absolute path for that method?

Peter Brunone
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5/8/2006 6:11:15 PM
you have to use an absolute path. server.mappath(this.imgtest.Imageurl)
5/8/2006 6:13:32 PM

Yep, knew it had to be something simple I was missing.  Even tried the absolute path but I forgot all those streamreaders I've done with the server.mappath.



5/8/2006 6:41:33 PM

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