How to validate the value of TextBox?

The value of the TextBox may not be all the same character. How to validate it?



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It depends on what kind of validation you are trying to do. There are some validators available with the framework. Check them out. you can also use a customvalidator and use regular expressions.
Dinakar Nethi
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I want to use regular expression. If the user happened to type "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" that is invalid. How to set the expression?


6/21/2006 12:39:55 PM

Can you be more specific??
What do you want this validator to do??


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Bilal Shouman - MCAD.NET

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6/21/2006 1:14:41 PM
There is a textbox on the page to collect user's comments. The user types characters into the textbox. If the user happened to push a key, such as the key "A", for a while on the keyboard, then "aaaaaaaaaa" will be displayed in the textbox. This kind of input value will be considered invalid. The validator should give the error message to remind the user's invalid input. That is what I want the validator to do.
6/24/2006 2:41:06 AM
If you know how to write the regular expression then you can just use a RegularExpressionValidator control to validate your textbox.

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