How to store in a web page dynamic data in a web Page ?


I have 1 ListBox containing :
1 ~ MACHINE A ~ 0 ~ 23 ~ R
2 ~ MACHINE B ~ 4 ~ 477 ~ R
3 ~ MACHINE C ~ 2 ~ 78~ R
4 ~ MACHINE D ~ 9 ~ 76~ T

I should have :

This ListBox is populated by a DataBase
=> So the line numbers isn't known for advance.

How to store in ASP.NET these values (0, 23, 4, ...) ? I need these values into the web page because I need them for JavaScrip functions.
Do List like HiddenFields exist ?

Thanks for your tips.

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i am bit confused by your question.. can you explain it once more

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Ravi Kant Srivastava
(Sr. Software Engineer)
Connexxions Business
6/26/2008 5:23:45 PM

 Well I try to hide data. The 1st ListBox you see has the data (0, 23, ...) I need for my JavaScript functions. But the user must not see these data. So I must keep the data (0, 23, ...) for my JavaScript, but It mustn't be visible.

Actual ListBox (which provides everything needed for my JavaScripts functions) :
1 ~ MACHINE A ~ 0 ~ 23 ~ R
2 ~ MACHINE B ~ 4 ~ 477 ~ R
3 ~ MACHINE C ~ 2 ~ 78~ R
4 ~ MACHINE D ~ 9 ~ 76~ T

Target ListBox (without the data needed for my JavaScript functions) :

The problem is I can't use HiddenFields because 1 information equals 1 HiddenField. And I don't know how much data I'll have to store in the page.

 So, do you know a means to keep hidden data which is like the ListBox object, but Hidden ?




6/26/2008 5:49:14 PM

are you binding the row straight from a datasource object or a custom generic data collection.  If you are getting straight from the DB, then my create a buisiness logic class and and a generic list like:

public class MyObject{

private string _name;

private int _attr1;

private int _attr2;

private string _attr3;

public string Name{

get{return _name;}

set{_name = value;}


public int Attr1{

get{return _attr1;}

set{_attr1 = value;}


public int Attr2{

get{return _attr2;}

set{_attr2 = value;}


public int Attr3{

get{return _attr3;}

set{_attr3 = value;}




then use the database to fill a collection of these.

List<MyObject> coll = new List<MyObject>();

foreach(some stuff from databse){

 MyObject obj = new MyObject();

obj.Name = name from database

obj.Attr1 = attr1 from database

obj.Attr2 = attr2 from database

obj.Attr3 = attr3 from database


 Then bind this new collection to the dropdown list

dropdownlist1.DataSource = coll;


doing this will then give you the data item on post back of the via use of ListItem.DataItem so you don;t have to have all that information on the display

6/26/2008 5:53:03 PM

Sorry, I missed the fact that you needed it in javascript.  My previous post will not give you that data on the client side.

YOu could do 2 things...

1. add AJAX to call back to the server to get the extended data you need.

2. add custom attributes to the option object that are displayed out <- this is a hack, and using AJAX would be perferred.

6/26/2008 5:55:25 PM

When you binding data to list box you can substring the data and use one part in text property of listbox for display  and use other part in value property in of the same row for later use.

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6/26/2008 5:56:36 PM

Great that works fine the value and text property ! Thank you.

Just one other thing : I also have to bind data into a DropDownList, in this time. And as before, I need data for display and hidden data. How to bind in this case.

For the moment, I do:

ddlList1.DataSource = this.GetLstMachines()



I'd like to do something like:

ddlList1.DataTextSource = this.GetLstMachinesText();

ddlList1.DataHiddenSource = this.GetLstMachinesHidden();


 Thank you for advance.

6/27/2008 7:24:28 AM

just use:

ddlList1.DataSource = this.GetLstMachines()

ddlList1.DataTextField = "TextProperty"

ddlList.DataValueField = "ValueProperty"



For the TextProperty and ValueProperty you will want to replace it with the name of the Property or Method on the object that is return within the collection returned by this.LstMachines().  Or if this.LstMachines retuerns a table, then use the column name which gives the correct data.

6/27/2008 1:03:57 PM

If your this.GetLstMachines() returnes datatable then I would read the datatable using for loop and I would substring each record in to two parts and would add each item by stting the text and value property of the dropdown list item. 

If it solves your issue please mark this posting as "Answered".

6/27/2008 3:12:58 PM

Thank you for your help.

My GetLstMachine() function returns a List<string>, so I'll try to return 2 lists:

- 1 for the TextField

- 1 for the ValueField

It should work. I'll give you feed back as soon as it's Ok.


Thank you.

6/30/2008 8:54:58 AM

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