How to set the value to the hidden control in the child page from the client-side of the parent page

Hi All,

    I need to set the value in the hidden input control (which i have used in the child page) from the parent page. I don't want to use session, since i want to set it from the client-side of the parent page and i have to access the value in the server-side of the child page. I tried using javascript but the value didnt get set. I'm in need of a solution urgently.

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hello my friend,

My suggestion is using querystring to send the value to the child page

code sample

parent page

   <input id="Button1" type="button" value="button" onclick="'Child.aspx?value=123')"/>

child page

 protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
        if (Request.QueryString["value"] != "")
            HiddenField1.Value = Request.QueryString["value"];

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I have the child page inside the frame and on click of the button in the parent page, i have submitted the page,


So that the page load method in the child page is called, and, based on the hiddenfield value certain operations are done in the page load. I just can't use at this scenario, since i'm submitting the page which is already opened. So i need a way to set the hidden field value b4 the page is submitted.

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I have the child page inside the frame and on click of the button in the parent page, i have submitted the page,


So that the page load method in the child page is called, and, based on the hiddenfield value certain operations are done in the page load. I just can't use at this scenario, since i'm submitting the page which is already opened. i need a way to set the hidden field value before the page is submitted.

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I'm not sure if I understand your problem, but I'll give it a shot.

In my application, my frame is called "flashdisplay" and I needed to pass a value to the i did in javascript

if (window.frames.flashdisplay && window.frames.flashdisplay.doPassVar) {
                    //alert("flash object null");

where doPassVar is a javascript function inside the chidl page.

Child page

 function doPassVar(args){
    var sendText = args.value;
   //do whatever with my value

so you might want to mess around your javascript a little bit before your parent page is submitted. good luck

Liming Xu
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I've got one other problem. I've a requirement, suppose there are 3 pages(A, B & C) for which the design is exactly same as the other. In this scenario i have reused a single page for all the three. And as i told earlier i have places these three pages inside a frame. On click of the button i'd determine which page should be loaded in the frame with the change of appropriate display names and values. After the page is submitted from the parent page, in the client side of the child page i have used a javascript which initializes the page to be loaded in the frame. Though the frame source is assigned, the page load method in the child page doesn't get called and the previously loaded page gets called. For example, when we move from A-> B, on click of the button in B, it doesnt go C, it goes to A and on click of the button the next time it moves to C.

The code which i've used, 

Client side - child page

if(document.DatabaseInfo.hdnNavigatePage.value != "" && != null)

{; }

Java script

this.ChangeFrame = function(source)


if(source != "")

this.frameElements.src = source; 


Client side - child page

if(document.DatabaseInfo.hdnNavigatePage.value != "" && != null)

{; }

Java script


.ChangeFrame = function(source)


if(source != "")

this.frameElements.src = source;


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