How to restore label's text across postbacks when it is changed by client-side script?

Hello all,

I have a page that uses AJAX to check info entered in textboxes and display results by changing the text of labels underneath the textboxes. Since label's value/text is not submitted by the form, I use hidden fields (that are updated together with the labels) to restore the text of labels across postbacks. The question is: is there any nicer way of doing that? Maybe I should use some other control, instead of labels, the value of which is submitted?

Thank you.

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It depends on what your ajax call is doing.  If it's a webservice call, or any of the ajax framework's that don't work with post-back's, then there's not much you can do other than what you're doing now.  I would suggest wrapping your label & input's into a control if possible to keep things cleaner.

Now if you're using the ajax framework and you're actually doing a post-back to the server ( update panel , you could instead store the result in the viewstate along with setting your label's text.  It would then be available on subsequent requests.

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With AJAX I'm actually posting back to a different aspx page, that runs sql query in the code behind and returns the result in its body, which is then read by the main page and used to update the labels.

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In that case, I think you're already doing it the only way you can, which is by using hidden fields.

 Like I said before, try and wrap the functionality into a seperate control if possible, this will keep the code cleaner and allow for re-use in the future.

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