How to programatically access another web site's form and get the data?


I need to write a script that will send a POST to a web site's form and then accept the CSV file that it will return.  I can go onto the web site and enter my username, password and a month from a drop down to get a CSV file of data but I would like to program a web form on my Admin site that will do this for me by pressing a button as I want to process the results and add to a database.

Any thoughts on how to start?


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Well sounds like what you need to start is creating an object of this login screen, pressing the login button and then changing the drop down to the correct month.. WHICH IS NO SMALL TASK  and very easy to give up on.

Actually i have already given up on answering this Big Smile

To do this, create an iFrame of the URL you need to login to, and fill in the user\pass through javascript and submit the form. Because this is inside of an iFrame you can hide the frame all together with some simple styles. Then once the page is loaded.. Not sure how to do this, maybe a setTimeOut() to an X amount of seconds which is > to the amount of seconds it typically takes to load. Then simply change this 'dropdownbox' to the correct value and submit the form again.

Then it gets tricky cause as you state a csv file url will be prompted back. Here you need to capture this url and then send a server postback to intiate an event that builds a WebClient to recieve the the csv file as binary data. Once recieved you can save it to the hard disk and read it as a CSV file.

 Now that was exhausting.

To be honest this is going to be EXTREMELY difficult and the best person for the job is someone to download it everyday and import it to your website.


Thats my two cents.



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 You might be able to use WaTiN from

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