How to preserve values in a web form when navigating to a different page and then going back to the original page using the back button ?


 I am working on a C#/ASP.NET web application. The web application basically consist of 3 web forms. Each form contains several controls such as an edit box, and some drop down list box controls. Basically I need to find out how to preserve the values in a web form when a person navigates to a different page. For example, suppose that in my web application I navigate from my first page (First.aspx) to my second page (Second.aspx). Now if I press the browsers back button, I want the application to retain the values for the controls that were in my first web form "first.aspx", and for these values to be displayed on the form as they were before I navigated to the second page. How can I do this?


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Only way to retain values between pages is by vausing POSTBACK before navigating to next page and enabling VIEWSTATE.

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You can also store it on Sessions and restore them back from sessions to controls

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read about this

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