How to load user control within another user control?

I have many user controls. One of them is Banner.ascx which I may load it
within anothers.
I tried to load Banner.ascx within Footer.ascx but  I got an error
"The control collection cannot be modified during DataBind, Init, Load, PreRender or Unload phases."

Any ideas?
Any answer is appreciated highly.

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Hi friend,

Check the following paragraph, perhaps it can help you,


Does your application run on .NET Framework 2.0 or above?

If so, from the error message, the cause of the error is that you are trying to access a property on a child control in OnInit phase, which isn’t guaranteed to work.

So you should try to check if you have modify the property in the control’s OnInit phase, if so, just remove it.

and here is the original link,


Hong-Gang Chen
Microsoft Online Community Support
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