How to load pages only in the content area without posting the entire page back to the server?


Can anyone suggest a method by which I could possibly load only the content area as I don't want the menu and other images around the content area to be loaded again with the same content as the data in the content area only changes without any change in the surrounding area of the pages.

Is there any method other than using controls to load the content area without a postback?


Karthik Muthuswamy
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It looks like what you need is the UpdatePanel to do partial-page rendering. This part of the Microsoft AJAX extensions.  

Check out this link:

Happy programming!


3/25/2007 5:24:24 PM


Does partial page rendering retrieve and display an entire page? I want the menu area and the header to remain static while the content area only loads. If partial page rendering does the trick then can you help me out with a simple example.


Karthik Muthuswamy
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3/26/2007 11:23:43 AM

hello my friend,

try the following example provided in this article

Refreshing only part of your Web Page

hope it helps,


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Thank you, that was what I was looking for. Really userful

Karthik Muthuswamy
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3/27/2007 8:47:28 AM

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