how to hide menubar in pop up window

In the previous ASP, I can have a link open a new window with different options using javascript. 

e.g. I can hide the menubar, set the size, give a name to the pop window etc..."","moreInfo","toolbar=0,resizable=1,location=0,directories=0,status=0,menubar=0,scrollbars=0,WIDTH=" 100 ",height="100 ",left=60,top=20");
However in the ASP.NET, there is only one option "Target=_blank".
Does anyone how to set these option in .NET?
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Are You using Server Controls? For things like that I recommend using HTML client code, just like old ASP
Pack of control for .net
8/12/2002 7:21:38 PM
take a look at my RemoteWindow control at
8/12/2002 7:24:27 PM
Thanks Andy, the code works Great!

One more question, if I want to set the property for ID="Remotewindow1" in my code behind *.aspx.vb . How to I imports that?
I want to set the remotewindow1.navigateURL = (something dynamic)
Thanks again.
8/13/2002 4:34:11 PM

Did you ever received the answer to this post? I am looking to do the same thing.
12/20/2003 3:15:58 AM


Prefer this site........

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Just remember that if you want to access the window elsewhere, it's a good idea to use a global javascript variable to store the reference (rather than declaring it inside the function where you open the window).

Peter Brunone
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4/11/2006 5:03:02 PM

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