How to get value from a disabled HTML text box from code behind?

I have a series of HTML textbox that are enabled / disabled by way of a check box calling a javascript funciton. Each textbox has the attribute runat="server" to allow codebehind to interact. Reading the values form the textboxes isn't a problem when they are enabled using:


However, when the textboxes are disabled, I cannot read the values. Each value = nothing.

Does anyone know a workaround for this?



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Disabled controls don't get submitted back to the server so ASP.Net doesn't have values for them. One way around this is to put submitdisabledcontrols="true" on your form tag. This is only valid in ASP.Net 2.0 so if you aren't running 2.0 you can't use it. If you aren't using 2.0 another option is to set up hidden input controls and maintain the values for the textboxes in those in your javascript and then on the server side use those values.
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Thanks so much! I haven't ported this application over to 2.0 yet - too big, too little time.

 But you did send me in the right direction. I didn't realize that disabled HTML controls were not submitted to the server. Once I read that, I simply set the controls to readOnly instead. Worked like a charm!

 Thanks again!


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Check this link


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