How to get the list of second drop-down-list based on value selected in the first drop-down-list

I have two drop-down-lists, the second one depends on the value chosen in the first drop-down-list. 

In the first drop-down-list, I have AutoPostBack = "true" and OnSelectedIndexChanged = "SelectedIndexChanged"

In the selectedIndexChanged method, I do the following:

1    protected void SelectedIndexChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
2        {
3            if (IsPostBack)
4            {
5                string assemblyNumber = ddlAssemblyNumber.SelectedValue;
6                DataSet routeIdDS = RoutesBusiness.GetRouteId(assemblyNumber);
7                string routeId = routeIdDS.Tables[0].Rows[0]["RouteId"].ToString();
8                ddlRoute.DataSource = RoutesBusiness.GetRouteId(assemblyNumber);
10               ddlRoute.DataTextField = "RouteId";
11               ddlRoute.DataBind();
12           }
13       }

ddlAssemblyNumber is the first drop-down-list and ddlRoute is the second drop-down-list.  I put a breakpoint and check to make sure that the value I got back is right and it is right but somehow, it doesn't bind to the second drop-down-list.

Would anyone please tell me what I do wrong?  Thanks in advance!


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First check if ddlAssemblyNumber.SelectedValue; returns a Value.. If it does then try this snippet below

1    protected void SelectedIndexChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
2    {

5                string assemblyNumber = ddlAssemblyNumber.SelectedValue;
6                DataSet routeIdDS = RoutesBusiness.GetRouteId(assemblyNumber);
7                string routeId = routeIdDS.Tables[0].Rows[0]["RouteId"].ToString();
                     if (routeIdDS.Tables[0].Rows.Count > 0)
8                    ddlRoute.DataSource = routeIdDS;
10                   ddlRoute.DataTextField = "RouteId";
11                   ddlRoute.DataBind();

13    }



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No, it's still not working.  I'm not sure if it's doing something with AutoPostBack or not.

Does anybody have any idea?


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How do you Bind your First DLL?If you are Biding your DDL1 on Page_Load event then be sure to wrap it inside Not IsPostBack method

if (!Page.IsPostBack)


    //Bind your DDL1 here 




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I have the UpdatePanel that have those two drop-down-list in it.  And when the page load, this UpdatePanel is set to invisible.  Then when someone click on a button, this UpdatePanel becomes visible (so I think it's the post back) and so, when the first drop-down-list being chosen again, it cannot do another post back, hence the second drop-down-list still keeps its first values that on the first post back it has.

So, now my question is "can you do multiple post back on a page and if yes, how to do it? if not, is there a work around for it?" or I should have the UpdatePanel as a stand alone page?



6/26/2008 6:39:35 PM

I think I figure it out.  In Page_Load, I just bind the data to the two drop-down-list but having the UpdatePanel.Visible = false, and when a button is clicked, set UpdatePanel.Visible = true and then the PostBack works.  The only problem is that the second drop-down-list still keeps the previous lists and adding the new one so how can I clear the second drop-down-list and then bind to the new list?


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Got it!


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how can I clear the second drop-down-list and then bind to the new list?


//Bind your DDL after clearing 


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