How to get html input value in code behind?

 Hello all,

I have dynamically created <input type="text" > in client side.

the id for such generated input type text are say price1,price2,price3 and so on.

What i need is to retrive the value of those input text boxes in code behind?

Note that those controls are simple html <input type="text"> not server controls.



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With Request.Form["price1"] you will get the name of the textfield with id price1.

If you are using VB.NET then the syntax is: Request.Form("price1")

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 There is no straight forwrsd methods to retrieve the value of an input control unless you say runat="server".

My suggestion is to use the runat="server" tag and try getting the value using VALUE property.

Otherwise you can use Page.FindControl('<input control id>') and see whether the control is returining other than null...then i feels that will work.

if you are using ajax or maaster-content page then the controls id will be not the one you make sure you are giving the correct id itself (using view source of the page)

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As johram said you can get it by request.Form, for further information visit the urls below:

Hope it works.


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With Request.Form["price1"] you will get the name of the textfield with id price1.

If you are using VB.NET then the syntax is: Request.Form("price1")

 he is the MAN....

or you can set your html controls as server control.. by adding runat='server' in yout html input control.. you can acess these controls on your code behind as you access your server control...

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With Request.Form["price1"] you will get the name of the textfield with id price1.

If you are using VB.NET then the syntax is: Request.Form("price1")

this does not work

<input type=text id=mytag value=test />

 value = Request.Form("mytag")


This does:

 <input type=text name=mytag value=test />

 value = Request.Form("mytag")


In short give the html tag the NAME attribute that you wish to access using the request form.


<%page language="vb"%>
<script language="vb" runat="server">
 sub btnshow_click(sender as object, e as eventargs)
 end sub
<html><head><title>Html Input Example</title></head>
<form id=form1 runat=server>
<%="<input name='mytag' type='text' value='' />"%>
 <asp:button id='btnshow' onclick='btnshow_click' text='Show'
runat='server' />


2/12/2009 9:29:54 PM

 Point being 'runat=server' is not required

2/12/2009 9:30:59 PM

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