How to format a string of percentage format to decimal format ?

How to format a string of percentage format to decimal format ?

1    orginalValue  // value will be 1265.48
2    percentString // value after applying percentage format will be 126548 %
3    requiredvalue // value should be 1265.48

I converted the string from orginalValue to percentString, now i need to convert back to requiredvalue.

Is there any way to do ?


Ananth RM -

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 string percentString="126548 %";

double value=double.Parse(percentString.Replace("%","").Trim()))/100;


Anas Ghanem.

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2/17/2009 8:37:43 AM

or try this.

double.Parse(str.Replace(" %", string.Empty)) / 100

2/17/2009 8:45:29 AM

Thats rite, but I looking for any built features in C# !

2/17/2009 10:04:30 AM

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