How to force a page to post back from another page?

Hi every one,

I have a problem with acouple of solutions in mind but I didn't succeed in any of them, so any help would be highly appreciated

 I have a long TreeView that I want it to scroll alone as one control and the rest of the page will stay without scrolling, I couldn't do it so I used a<frameset> in an htm page where the TreeView is in a single frame alone, now when the other page post back I need the page that contains the TreeView to postback too.

Any suggestions??

Thank You very much

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Have you tried enclosing the Treeview in a div and setting it's overflow style property??

<div style="overflow: auto; height: 150px; width: 100px;">

<asp:Treeview ... />


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Place the treeview in a panel, with Height and Width set along with ScrollBars property set to Vertical.


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