How to create a connection to a sql Database from a database class?

Hello Mate!,

                I have a Database clss and a web form I have just mentioned in the Web config file of the webform for connection string as

  <add name ="SQL" connectionString="Server=Servername;Database=mydatabase;uid=some user id ;pwd=some password;"/>
 </connectionStrings >

and i have just mentioned in a class in which i want to create a connection to the Db when ever i create instance of that class

i have just coded as below in that class(Database Class)

   public class Database

        string Conn_String;

        public Database()
            Conn_String = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings("SQL").ConnectionString;


But it gives an Error as "System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager.Connectionstring"is a property but it is used like a method!.

Whats wrong with my code?. I have just  mentioned in the Constructor of the database class to create a connection whenever an instance of this class is created!.

How to Solve this?

Could you please help me on this?

Much Obliged & Thanks a Lot,
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 You are using VB syntax here to access the ConnectionStrings collection. In C#, you should use [ and ] (square brackets) instead. Change your code to:

 Conn_String = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["SQL"].ConnectionString

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Thank You Very Much!,

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