How do you pass a value from one user control to another?

There must be an example of this somewhere but if there is I can't find it.

I have a web form containing 2 user controls.

The first displays a list of people. The user selects the person they are interested in and details of that person are to be displayed in the second user control.

What is the best way of passing the selected item from the first user control to the second.

I can do it with session variables, but there must be a better way than that.


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You can use properties for that.

User Control

private string m_Person;

public string Person
    get { return m_Person; }
    set { m_Person = value; }

Web Form

<TagPrefix:TagName ID="MyUserControl" Person="Bob" runat="server" />


MyUserControl.Person = "Bob";

Then in the user control you can use the m_Person variable to get the value passed to the user control.

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Use Model-View-Controller pattern. First user control (View) should call Controller and pass selected person. Controller will store this info in Model and fire an event. The second user control will handle this event and request selected person from Controller.

If MVC is overkilling for your application then use Session or properties. I cannot imagine anything else...

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Its good you use Properties defined for your user controls as StrongTypes suggested.


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Thanks for the reply.

I can see that you can set a property for the second user control which can be set in the tag for that user control or directly assingned in the code behind that user control, however the example uses a value set at design time.

How does a value selected at run time get passed into the second user control?

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I should have in cluded in that last entry of mine that it was a reply to StrongTypes suggestion.



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<TagPrefix:TagName ID="MyUserControl" Person="Bob" runat="server" />


MyUserControl.Person = "Bob";

Then in the user control you can use the m_Person variable to get the value passed to the user control.

He has given you both ways to do it. You pass the values to the other user control depending on the event.


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