How do I keep the value for a textbox in the textbox when the form resets for the next insertion using Details View?

I'm using Details View to insert data to the database. First up one form is visible to enter product details. When that save to the database I get the new primary key using "SELECT MAX(ProductID) FROM Product" (probably not the best way but it works so long as no one else is inserting data at the same time). The first form is hidden and the next form is shown. The primary key is inserted into the ProductID text box and the details for the new items for the product are entered and then saved to the database. All good. BUT when the insert button is clicked on the second form and it reloads to allow for further items to be entered it loses the ProductID.

How do I keep the value for that textbox in the textbox when the form resets for the next entry?



I'm using vb - and am very new to it.

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"The primary key is inserted into the ProductID text box "


How are you carrying over the value from the first form to the second form?
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 I'm guessing you're inserting the ProductID into the textbox only on initial page load (ie !IsPostBack). Whatever procedure you run that inserts the ProductID into the textbox, make sure that on every page load, whether postback or not, that this same procedure is called.

So, if you have:

if (!IsPostBack) {
 // procedure call, maybe
  TextBox1.Text = ProductID;
  // other first-time initialization code here

you should have it as:

if (!IsPostBack) {
  // other first-time initialization code here

// always run
TextBox1.Text = ProductID;

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This is the code I'm using. I've also tried adding it to the Insert button on click event but it won't re-enter it. I'm not sure if I've lost its value or it just won't re-enter it.

    Protected Sub ProductDetailsForm_ItemInserted(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Web.UI.WebControls.FormViewInsertedEventArgs) Handles ProductDetailsForm.ItemInserted

Dim NewID As Integer

connectionString As String = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings("SystemConnectionString").ConnectionString

Using myConnection As New Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection(connectionString)
Dim FindID As String = "SELECT MAX(ProductID) FROM Product"
Dim myCommandID As New Data.SqlClient.SqlCommand(FindID, myConnection)
NewID = myCommandID.ExecuteScalar()

End Using

Dim ProductID As TextBox = CType(ItemDetailsForm.FindControl("ProductIDTextBox"), TextBox)

ProductID.Text = NewID

End Sub

 I've no idea about postback - well vb at all really



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This is the code I'm using. I've also tried adding it to the Insert button on click event but it won't re-enter it. I'm not sure if I've lost its value or it just won't re-enter it.

Hi thehappyferal,

The code above is totally correct I think and can you tell me in details that when the ProductID gets lost?

I suppose the ID is displayed in the ProductID TextBox when the second form shows up, right? So, did you mean it gets lost when it is inserted into database?

By the way, is ProductDetailsForm the second form's ID?  

Anyway, would you please show me your code on inserting the data into database? Well, the complete codes will be better.

Best Regards,
Shengqing Yang

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