Getting the textbox value after postback in runtime created textbox

Getting the textbox value after postback in runtime created textbox

I have created around 30 controls in a control array like txtremarks1,txtremarks2,txtremarks3.....txtremarks30. in runtime.
When i am posting the server back.I want to get the values but i dont know how to do.
Can anybody please help me in this
Note:I know how to use request.form("") but i dont want to use it.I also have some labels.I want to get the text in label.
Thanks for the help in advance i need it in urgggent
Vishal Murthy
2/19/2005 11:55:31 AM 93655 articles. 5 followers. Follow

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In order to get value of dynamically created controls you must recreate it on each postback (in page_init or page_load)other wise you will have to use Request.Forms to access its value (in case of labels yo can use hidden fields)

Another option is to create those in DataGrid or datalist by binding your array to Datagrid/datalist and then loop through datagrid/datalist to get values of your textboxes/labels.
Jigar Desai
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2/19/2005 2:45:24 PM

you would need to recreate the controls on postback (in same order) and add them to the Controls collection by the time Load event happens (postback data loading happens after Load event). That way they'd be able to restore their state from postback data and you could access the values via these controls instances themselves.
You should check this article:
Understanding ASp.NET ViewState
Pay special attention to sections which cover dynamical controls (and refer to other articles). Basically in your case, it's about postback data, not ViewState, with textBox but principle is the same.

Teemu Keiski
Finland, EU
2/19/2005 5:26:30 PM
Thanks it is very useful.But i still want to knwo how to acess the controls after post back programatically.Can you pls tell me how.Give me an example for doing it dynamically
Vishal Murthy
2/21/2005 3:07:54 PM
Wouldn't it be than as simple as re-looping though the the control array? Because postback data 2nd try loading happens after Page_Load, you can't access the data in Page_Load if you create the controls in that stage, but you have to do it later, prerender or some postback event being a good example.

Here is an example of doing it literally with an array with (if you rely on IDs, you can do it with just Controls collection)

Private arrControls(25) As TextBox
Private Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load
Dim i As Integer
For i = 0 To arrControls.Length - 1
'Create a TextBox
Dim txt As New TextBox
txt.ID = "txt" & i.ToString()
'Add its reference to the array
arrControls(i) = txt
'Add it to the Form
End Sub
Private Sub Page_PreRender(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.PreRender
'As an example we read the data out from TextBoxes
'In PreRender on postbacks
If IsPostBack Then
Dim i As Integer
Dim currtxt As TextBox
For i = 0 To arrControls.Length - 1
currtxt = arrControls(i)
Response.Write("Value in TextBox " & i.ToString() & " = " & currtxt.Text & "<br>")
End If
End Sub


Teemu Keiski
Finland, EU
2/21/2005 5:01:58 PM

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