Getting the recreated control's id's by viewstate?


How can i get the automaticly created fileupload control's id's by stroring them in the viewstate? Is it possible? or any other way to get them on the run-time?
I can store button's click number and then create dynamic controls on the run-time and if i look at the source code i can see the auto-created id's but when i click submit button to upload files in fileupload controls i get an NullReferenceException. I guess when i click submit button all the id's gone because the page posts back. So i write this to read id's and assign to my fileupload control, here is the code for it ,


1    for (int i = 1; i <= ButtonClick; i++)
2                {
3                    myUpload = ((FileUpload)pnlUpload.FindControl("upload_" + i.ToString()));
4                    if (myUpload.HasFile)
5                     {
6                        upload(myUpload.PostedFile.FileName);
7                        lblSonuc.Text = "basari";
8                      }
9                }

 For creating dynamic controls i wrote this, 


1    public int ButtonClick
2        {
3            get
4            {
5                return (int)ViewState["ButtonClick"];
6            }
7            set
8            {
9                ViewState["ButtonClick"] = value;
10           }
11       }
13       protected void lnkEkle_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
14       {
15           ++ButtonClick;
16           for (int i = 0; i < ButtonClick; i++)
17           {
18               myUpload = new FileUpload();
19               myUpload.ID = "upload_" + i.ToString();
20               this.pnlUpload.Controls.Add(myUpload);
21           }
22           lblSonuc.Visible = true;
23       }

 What else i have to do? I'm totally stuck to this subject and never let it to adn just want to learn is it possible? It throws that exception on line #4 because i guess this control is not created and i found that i can make it on OnInit but i don't know how to use it.


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in if you are creating controls dynamically and if u want to persist these controls

during postback then in Page_Init() event you must have to create controls again with the same ids.

 So you have to put this code in Page_Init() event

for (int i = 0; i < ButtonClick; i++)
17 {
18 myUpload = new FileUpload();
19 myUpload.ID = "upload_" + i.ToString();
20 this.pnlUpload.Controls.Add(myUpload);
21 }
I already face this problem in past. 


With Regards,
Mayank Prajapati
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3/16/2007 12:56:46 PM
Well this time i get a NullReferenceException in  
1    public int ButtonClick
2        {
3            get
4            {
5                return (int)ViewState["ButtonClick"];
6            }
7            set
8            {
9                ViewState["ButtonClick"] = value;
10           }
11       }
line 5, so do i also have to put property definition into Page_Init() ? 
3/16/2007 1:07:46 PM


You can create them in Page_load which occurs after the viewstate has been loaded.

Hope it helps.

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